Let's Just Get It Settled...

This website is for attorneys and for persons who have not yet hired an attorney or filed a lawsuit but who believe mediation may be an effective remedy for the dispute they find themselves involved in. I am, therefore, assuming that you came to this website in an attempt to find and choose a mediator you think would be appropriate for a particular case or situation in which you are involved.


I want you to select me, and I hope you find the information on this website a serious aid in determining whether I am right to mediate the case or situation you have in mind. First, a few basic mediation facts about me.... I've been a mediator since 1991, having now mediated something on the order of 700 cases. My settlement rate is about 75% of the cases mediated. I'm very good at what I do.

Choosing a Mediator

Here's what I have come to believe about choosing a mediator. The main thing you're looking to accomplish is finding someone who has a really good chance of getting the job done and who won't prove to have been an expensive waste of time. That describes me. I don't go to a mediation with any goal other than to just get it settled. That's what you have hired me to do, and that's what I'm able to do most of the time.


Over the years and through the many hundreds of cases I've mediated, I have learned the tools of the trade, involving different sets of skills for different types of disputes and parties, and I put them to use right out of the box.


Some cases are settleable and some aren't, but where the rubber meets the road in the context of choosing a mediator is where the settleable cases are not settleable by just anyone. That's why the mediator needs to be chosen with that in mind. On the following pages, read what some lawyers have had to say about me as a mediator. What Lawyers Say